Carbide Blade

SUPER Series





Carbide blade application include unmanned and automated production systems demanding cersatile performance. From hi-speed aluminum cutting to abrasive and tough to cut material

幅 x 厚み ピッチ tpi
width x thickness 0.9/1.2 1.0/1.4 1.4/2 2 2/3 3 3/4
27 x 0.90 E D D,E
27 x 1.10
34 x 1.10 E D,F D,E,P D D,E,P
41 x 1.30 E,F,P F D,E,P E,P
54 x 1.30 E,F E
54 x 1.60 E,F F,P D,E,F,P D,E,F,P
67 x 1.60 E,P F,P D,E,F,P F
80 x 1.60 F,P F,P
100 x 1.60


structual steel, tempered steel, spring steel, low alloyed hot-work steel, nitride steel, high alloyed hot-work steel, unalloyed tool steel, cold-work steel, high-speed steel, cast iron, light rust/acid-resist steel, heavy rust/acid-resist steel, heat-resist steel,nickel-base alloy, induction hardedned steel, aluminum, copper, brass, aluminum-bronze, titanium alloy, carbon


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