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Advanced Metallic Gaskets for Compact and highly Efficient Engine.
What's New
Oct. 2002
Certified Environment Management System "ISO14001"
May. 2001
Tongmeng Metal (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. established in China
Apr. 2001
Opened mass production account for Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.
Dec. 2000
Administrative building enlarged
Aug. 2000
Obtained international standard ISO9001 certification for quality assurance
High-Precision Metal Gaskets That Help Reduce Engine Size and Increase Engine Performance.
The "MetalFit," our principal product, is a metal gasket that is fitted between the cylinder head and cylinder block of an engine. It consists of a resilient metal sheet on which a bead is formed. The combination of the resilient bead and a stopper for protecting the bead prevents the leak of the combustion gas, lubricant, and cooling water completely. The Metal Fit is superior to the conventional soft gasket in heat resistance, resilience, heat conductivity, and durability.
The Metal Fit also contributes to the improvement of engine performance and the reduction of engine size and weight. By making the most effective use of its existing and new technologies, such as the technology for preventing deformation of the cylinder bore and the heat-resisting microsealing technology that is applicable regardless of the roughness of the counterpart surface, the company develops various types of high-precision metal gaskets that can stand even extremely severe conditions.
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